Knowing Your Options When It Comes To Dental Implants

Dental implants are a very popular procedure today.  For most people, caring for their teeth has been one of the most neglected activities they have performed.  When we are kids, we eat a lot of candy, drink a lot of soda and engage ins sports and other activities that can cause damage to our teeth.  As a result, when we are older, we tend to have more dental problems.

With this understanding, learning about the different types of dental implants new braunfels can be a benefit for those looking to have work done on their teeth.  Here is a list of the top four procedures that are currently available.

Two state implants

In this procedure the patient will go into the dentist’s office and they will install the bottom portion of the implants directly into the jawbone.  This will then need to heal for several months before returning to install the remaining portions of the teeth.  When this is done, the patient will have a full set of teeth.

Endosteal implants

The next type of implants is called Endosteal implants.  These implants are typically used when working with bridges.  The process is the same for the previous implant type which will be done in two stages. 

Single State Implants

types of dental implants new braunfels

The single state implant is where the dentist will install an implant bridge, a long piece of metal into the jaw bone.  After several months of healing then the dentist will go in and install the teeth themselves.  This has the added benefit of not having to expose the implant to a surgical procedure.

Suppositional implants

These types of implants are similar to the single state implants.  The difference here is that the bridge uses small posts that the teeth are then attached to.

When it comes to dental implants there are a lot of different options.  Talk to your dental professional about the different options before making a decision.