4 Signs Your Teen Has a Problem With Drugs

Recognizing the signs of a drug problem in your teen may not be easy at first but after learning the signs, things become much easier once you study your teen. Around 58% of all high school teens admit to having experimented with drugs at least once while 36% admit to regularly using marijuana. Drug use affects a teen in harsher ways than an adult since their brain is still growing.

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Some of the signs that indicate your teen potentially has a problem with drugs include:

1.    Physical Appearance: A person’s physical appearance is usually the first noticeable sign of a problem with drugs. You may notice poor hygiene, unusual odors and smells, bloodshot eyes, flushed cheeks, and other similar physical changes.

2.    Change in Habits: If your teen suddenly enjoys new hobbies that they didn’t before, especially if the activities are dangerous or risky, it may indicate they are involved in drugs. You may notice that your teen isn’t hungry, eats too much, does not sleep, etc. if they’re involved with drugs.

3.    Change in Friend Group: Another common sign that your teen is involved in drugs is a change in the friends they hang out with. If you notice new people hanging around your teen, perhaps it is time to question their intentions.

4.    Changes at Home: Changes in the teen’s behavior at home is also a sign of a drug problem. If the ten no longer converses with family, stays confined in their room, etc. it could indicate trouble.

Teens dealing with drug addictions and drug issues can find help from a behavioral health center eden prairie. It is not easy for teens to admit there is a problem or even recognize that trouble exists. Parents should monitor their teens carefully and note any changes they see. The sooner your teen gets help, the quicker they can live a fulfilling life traveling the right path.